Sluki Kosover & Co is a unique boutique law firm in the field of litigation that specializes in complex and diverse litigation cases with an emphasis on legal economic cases and business disputes.

Sluki Kosover & Co. provides legal services to a wide range of clients including leading Israeli companies, private companies, directors, investment houses and private clients, public figures and businessmen from Israel and abroad.
The firm provides its clients with comprehensive and uncompromising professional legal service, along with personal attention and close supervision by the founding partners.
Adv. Roee Sluki and Adv. Ido Kosover have extensive experience in the representation of clients in all courts of law and tribunals.
Both hold an impressive record of precedents in significant cases.

The firm has extensive experience in representing and advising Israeli and international clients on various legal fields including real estate and hoteling, banking and finance, the capital market, fintech, white collar and more.

Commercial litigation

Sluki Kosover & Co. specializes in representing all commercial litigation procedures, with expertise on legal- economic cases.
The firm handles comple  cases, including arbitration and mediation proceedings dealing with business, civil and commercial disputes in the field of struggles for control of companies, conflicts between shareholders and part, investors' claims in the capital market, etc.
The complexity of the cases  equires professionalism and deep legal understanding, combined with creative thinking and legal representation at the highest level.

Banking and finance

Sluki Kosover & Co has special expertise in representation in complex banking cases against financial systems, mainly the banking system.

Capital market

Sluki Kosover & Co. has extensive experience in representing clients in the field of Capital Markets & Securities. The legal team provides comprehensive legal services to public and private companies both domestic and foreign and their boards of directors and executives in complex and substantial matters in Securities, corporate law and corporate governance.
The firm represents its clients in complex civil, criminal and administrative procedures, class actions and more in front of the Israel Securities Authority.

Real estate and hotels

Sluki Kosover & Co. specializes in representing real estate and hotel litigation cases. The firm has extensive experience in
representing entrepreneurs, contractors, credit providers, landowners and real estate companies in various legal proceedings.
The legal team has extensive knowledge in the business environment and the activity of its clients. As a result, they succeed in providing comprehensive legal support, while also finding the optimal strategic vision of its client's needs.

White Collar

Sluki Kosover & Co specializes in representing private and corporate clients in all aspects of white-collar crime. The heads of the firm accompany numerous clients, from businessmen, leading individuals at the capital markets and securities, bankers,
entrepreneurs to directors and public figures, on complex and high-profile cases.
Our legal team advises and represents its clients in every step of the criminal proceedings, including the investigation, arrests, preliminary proceedings, the interaction with enforcement authorities, and hearings proceeding in front of all courts, including the supreme court.




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As a leading firm in the field of litigation, we are always on the look-out for new attorneys in order to expand and empower our elite litigation team with professional, qualified and highly motivated attorneys.
Working with us will give you the opportunity to be an active part of managing complex and unique legal issues, including high profile cases in the Israeli business sector.

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